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Be Personal

Every individual, in particular the members of the millennial generation, expects today to receive personalized products and services, able to make him feel unique. To be recognized individually and receive a offer designed according to specific tastes and needs are fundamental prerequisites for establishing a lasting relationship between people and companies. Given the endless range of alternatives available, in fact, people are no longer inclined to consider brands, products and services that are not related to their expectations and aligned with their buying and consumption habits.

“Be close to your customer, so close as to suggest what he needs
even before he realizes it “
S. Jobs

Retailers are thus forced to change their strategy from a one-to-many approach (from one to many) – typical of the mass market and characterized by a certain standardization – to the proposed solutions as personalized as possible, one-to-one. To accomplish this paradigm shift, it is essential to review processes, focus on new skills and, consequently, update the technologies used.