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Be Loyal

“Be Loyal” means establishing, cultivating and maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with anyone who comes into contact with our business, be it a customer, a collaborator or a supplier. In the pre-connectivity era, loyalty was generally limited to customer retention and the repurchase percentage. Today, instead, it is enriched by a further dimension: the customer advocacy . The so-called “word of mouth” has always been fundamental and is considered by some to be the oldest form of advertising in the world.

However, in the age of connectivity and social media the phenomenon takes on a decidedly larger scale. According to this point of view, loyalty is configured as a willingness to recommend a brand to other people. It is not said that a customer continually regains products of a certain brand , or that he is always able to do it, but if he is satisfied with the lived customer experience, he will be willing to advise them, both to his acquaintances and to strangers with whom he shares specific interests.

“Do your job so well that everyone will want to see it again with their friends”
W. Disney

Although this dynamic is quite evident, many brands and retailers do not seem able to exploit it to their advantage. In many cases the incentives and incentives to encourage loyalty are designed according to obsolete logic, as they do not stimulate the sharing of the experience and therefore do not trigger the advocacy process. In this context the right balances must therefore be redefined: the loyalty program must become an ecosystem of valuable experiences, supplied by the retailer to feed the bond and the affinity of the people with the brand or brand.