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Be Invisible

One of the salient features of the technological revolution underway is the spread of increasingly powerful and performing solutions and devices. The result is that retailers today can have cutting-edge technological solutions. However, the fact that technology is so powerful does not mean that it is necessary to deploy it under any circumstances . Preventing technology (means) from the objectives for which it is used (purpose) risks turning out to be a short-sighted approach. Technology can perform an enabling and multiplying function of experience only if it is linked to a real need of the user, responding to a practical need and giving meaning to an action. Only in this case can we speak of true innovation.

“Technology is like a joke: if you have to explain it means it didn’t work”

The ambition should always be to simplify people’s lives, making all the technological complexity similar to electricity: “invisible” but capable of activating solutions that until recently would have been perceived as “magic”.