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Be Human

“Be Human” means for a company to acknowledge that today digital is everything, but not everything is digital. Indeed, with the unfolding of digital disruption and the accentuation of the process of democratization of technology, the human factor is likely to represent the main source of competitive advantage in many sectors. “Be Human” represents an invitation to recover the centrality of human beings in all the links in the value chain, in the awareness that the increase in digitalization will also increase attention to the relationships between people.

“Humans are still the killer app”

This rule is expressed in three aspects that we could summarize in the 3 “S” of Service (the criteria with which the customer experience is planned in the store must put people at the center), Sociality (the stores have the potential to become a reference point for the community in which they operate) and Sustainability (pay maximum attention to the environmental, social and economic impact of their work along the entire supply chain, demonstrating respect for human beings in the broad sense).