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Be Exponential

Today’s consumers appreciate brands and retailers that are able to satisfy all their interests, lifestyles and needs through a mix of technologies, services and products. In order to effectively respond to these new expectations, many players are seizing the opportunity to increase their value and their usefulness by collaborating with other companies to offer wider or richer services. These strategic partnerships can significantly improve customer experiences. “Be Exponential” means precisely this: overcoming the boundaries of its offer thanks to collaboration with third parties. By cooperating with external partners, retailers can enrich their proposal and compete with bigger or more competitive competitors, without incurring otherwise prohibitive structural costs.

To make one’s business “exponential”, one can operate at least in two different directions: propagate the usual offer through new channels, or enrich it through complementary experiences.

“It doesn’t matter how important your company is,
most of the brightest people still work for someone else “
B. Joy

A particularly effective practice, when managed correctly, is open innovation . With this expression we indicate a paradigm and an innovation model according to which companies, to increase and promote their own value, cannot rely only on internal ideas and resources, but also have the duty to resort to technological tools and skills coming from external, that is to say from startups, universities, incubators, research institutes, commercial partners and perhaps the customers themselves.