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Be a Destination

If it is true that the physical store still has strategic importance, it must however evolve to fulfill new and peculiar functions: Proposing a shopping experience based on the mere display of the goods on the shelf can no longer be considered sufficient . To understand this new role of the store it is fundamental to recognize that people often do not buy goods, but meanings: they choose products and services for reasons that have to do with the emotional, psychological and psychosocial spheres.

“People do not buy products and services, but relationships, stories and magic”
S. Godin

The times in which the purchase choice was made based on the sole “technical superiority of the product” are overcome and this requires merchants, alongside the offer, to express themselves, to tell stories that can conquer the mind and the people’s hearts. It is therefore essential to understand that retailing today does not mean putting products on the consumer exchange, but building a cross-media relationship with him that can last over time, and then be rewarded with the timing and in the ways most congenial to him. The point of sale must thus evolve to a “point of experience” and move from being perceived as a have-to-go-place to being a want-to-go-place. A container of satisfying experiences, where the shopper does not have the burden of going, but the desire and the pleasure of being.