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Be Brave

“Be Brave” is the latest and probably the most provocative of the 10 rules proposed. It comes from the awareness that, in light of the changes taking place, there is nothing more risky than adopting the proverbial “Approach of the ostrich”, hiding its head in the sand waiting for danger to pass. Recent history has shown us that even large multinational companies such as Kodak, BlackBerry, BlockBuster and Nokia – which have obviously had access to the best professionals to evaluate the strategic choices to be made – have failed because they failed to adopt a courageous approach and sufficiently aligned to the real needs of the market.

“Paradoxically, in a constantly changing world,
acting safely is one of the biggest risks we can take “
R. Hoffman

This is the core of the “Be Brave” rule: retailers must have the courage to recognize that their businesses may have no future and that they must embrace change. In renewing its business model, however, it is necessary to adopt a method that allows the risks to be calculated accurately and to arrive as quickly as possible at a test phase of the commercial initiative that is intended to be carried out.

To respond to this problem, a new approach has taken hold over the last decade, which makes the process less risky, faster and more efficient. It is a methodology defined as lean startup process , which prefers experimentation to over-elaborate planning and in which the needs and feedback of consumers are put at the center rather than the intuition of the managers or the creative flash (which remain however very important).