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Be Boundless

Be Boundless means to definitely overcome the equation according to which retailing coincides with a physical sales point, bounded by walls and placed in a specific place. Technological evolution and progress in logistics now enable companies in the sector to serve customers in hyper-flexible ways, making the Offer usable according to the priorities of the Demand. There are many formulas, including:


  1. Click-and-subscribe : Arrange for periodic provisioning of a basket of goods with a subscription or on-demand method.

  3. Click-and-collect : Make purchases online and pick them up at a physical store (owned or third-party).

  5. Click-and-commute : buy online and pick up the merchandise in a store located on a specific route (for example a subway station or an area of motorway service).

  7. Click-and-try : Order a range of products online and try them in a store or at home before completing the transaction.

  9. Click-and-reserve : Book goods and services online by verifying real-time availability within specific stores.

Another manifestation of this tendency to overcome the traditional conception of the physical store and its boundaries is the now rather consolidated phenomenon of temporary stores, which is also highly appreciated by digital retailers who can thus experiment with presence in the offline world.


“Only when we accept our limits, can we overcome them”
A. Einstein