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Be a Curator

In recent decades we have witnessed the proliferation of sales points with an almost overlapping offer and little connotation. Today, instead, a model that unites products and services in a combination capable of distinguishing itself, rather than trying to compete with digital players in terms of the breadth and depth of the assortment, is much more incisive. Moreover, the phenomenon of urbanization will on the one hand contribute to raising real estate costs, making it increasingly difficult to bear the burdens associated with maintaining large areas, and on the other will increase the demand for retail outlets located in the city center and capable of offer exactly what people need.

“In a world of endless content, people are looking for a one-stop shop”
M. Kaput

In light of these dynamics, the offer must therefore be cured through a selection of products and services that stand out. We need to add that extra something, a special touch to an otherwise indistinct proposal, easily traceable and convenience in multiple online stores. The “merchant” must rise to the role of “curator”. It must therefore integrate the traditional skills of selection, assortment and sales with all those necessary to enhance a system’s products. and services gathered around a unique experience, able to constantly renew itself and to keep intact the emotional connection with the reference audience. A role comparable to that of the art curator.